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  • Akro-Mils — Cabinet; Plastic; 20 in.; 10-11/32 in.; 6-3/8 in.
  • On Shore Technology Inc — CONN SOCKET IDC 26POS W/KEY GOLD
  • MACOM [Tyco Electronics] — tyco electronics contents
  • ASSMANN [Assmann Electronics Inc.] — D-SUB, HIGH DENSITY
  • Conec — CABLE RJ45 2M IND PLUG-STD
  • FCI —
  • NXP Semiconductors — NXP Semiconductors J110,126 Configuration: Single Current - Drain (idss) @ Vds (vgs=0): 10mA @ 5V Drain Current (idss At Vgs=0): 80 mA Drain Source Voltage Vds: + / - 25 V Drain To Source Voltage (vdss): 25V Fet Type: N-Channel Gate-source Breakdown Voltage: - 25 V Gate-source Cutoff Voltage: - 10 V ID_COMPONENTS: 3738029 Input Capacitance (ciss) @ Vds: 30pF @ 0V Mounting Style: Through Hole Mounting Type: Through Hole Package / Case: TO-226-3, TO-92-3 (TO-226AA) Power - Max: 400mW Power Dissipation: 400 mW Resistance - Rds(on): 18 Ohm Transistor Polarity: N-Channel Voltage - Breakdown (v(br)gss): 25V Voltage - Cutoff (vgs Off) @ Id: 4V @ 1ВµA
  • Labfacility — Labfacility 010126TD Accessory Type: Thermowell Body Material: Stainless Steel External Diameter: 8mm External Length / Height: 150mm Length: 150mm Rohs Compliant: Yes Svhc: No SVHC (15-Dec-2010) Thread Size: Sensor Thread
  • 3M — 3M 10126-52 Connector Type: OTHER D TYPE CONNECTOR Gender: Male Termination Types: SOLDER
  • TE Connectivity — TE Connectivity 211012-6 Accessory Type: Connector Saver Contact Size: 22 Density: High Gender: Plug, Receptacle Government/industry Qualification: No Lead Free Solder Processes: Not relevant for lead free process Mounting Hole Diameter (mm [in]): 3.05 [.120] Nasa Qualification: No Non-magnetic: Yes Number Of Positions: 44 Power/signal/coax Combination: No Product Series: 90 Product Type: Accessory Rear Grommet: No Rohs/elv Compliance: RoHS compliant, ELV compliant Rohs/elv Compliance History: Always was RoHS compliant Shell Material: Brass Shell Plating: Gold Shell Size: 3 Socket Hood Material: Copper Alloy Socket Hood Plating: Gold Spacer Color: Black Spacer Material: Thermoplastic Spacer Plating: Iridate

Декодер  цвет. маркировки резисторов. - Многофункциональный, интеллектуальный калькулятор. От 3 до 6 цветных полос.
Многофункциональный, интеллектуальный калькулятор. От 3 до 6 цветных полос.